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Hey there! Welcome to never feeling like THAT again! ... let's write to heal!

Enter into a safe space to write your heart out for only $18 per week.

Write. Confront. Release. Heal. Get Paid! In > that > order!


There is a little girl inside of EVERY woman! What is she saying? Are you listening to her? Is she free or is she trapped? When was the last time you sat in a quiet space and wrote until you could not write anymore?

Write Your Heart Out (WHO) membership honors the little girl inside of us that wants to be heard. We empower her to speak her truth, and in doing so, release her pain and heal in a safe space.

Learn how to heal from past trauma through the art of writing.  Are you ready to turn your pain into paper? It’s never too late to start over again. Our favorite affirmation at JPH is: Today, I can begin again!

About Write Your Heart Out (WHO) Membership

The Woman is the most powerful being on the face of this earth! Why? Because she has a womb. Some are able to bring life into the world. Others are able to nurture life brought into the world. Either way, a woman was created to be a nurturer. And when she is empowered to stand in her might, she’s poised, she’s beautiful, she’s confident, she’s brilliant, she’s powerful. 

When a woman walks into the room, and we are fully confident in our gifts and purpose, we command the room. That was intentional by our Divine Father. We have the ability to influence others to believe what we believe, even if that belief is not true or real. That’s the power of our voice. But somewhere along the line, for some of us it was early childhood, life had a way of stripping our voice away; taking our power away. And thus the little girl in us is trapped in an adult body, silent, suffering and tormented.

Write Your Heart Out (WHO) honor, empower and advocate for the voice of the WOMAN to regain her power, her strength, her tenacity through the art of writing. The healing power of the pen has been used for centuries by mental health professionals to help their patients through difficult and challenging times. WHO is an extension of that practice of heal our emotional and physical pain in a safe and controlled environment.

Why Join a Writing Club Membership?

  • Build relationships with other members – sit at the table with like-minded individuals!
  • Travel to live events and meetups – get out and have some fun!
  • Learn how to write an award-winning, best-selling book – and we have receipts!
  • Gain an accountability partner to stay on track – stay focused and on motivated!
  • Receive feedback from publishing and writing experts – the best in the industry at your fingertips!
  • Opportunity to write your book in a year – leave this membership with a whole book for sale!
  • Oh… and the best part about this membership is: you do NOT have to be a “writer”! This membership is for anyone who is willing to do the self-work to release your story.

What's Included In The Membership

Monthly Class and Q&A Session

Receive expert advice by Jai Publishing & friends during monthly class and Q&A sessions

Quarterly Virtual Writing Workshops

Members will have an opportunity to learn how to turn their writings into a book (fiction or nonfiction)

Local, Regional, and National Meetups

Jai Publishing will host onsite meetups with members in their local areas to foster community and relationship building

Video & Audio Training

Training on emotional healing, as well as writing, marketing, and selling your book

Private Community

Members receive support from other women on the same journey

Members ONLY Discounts

Members get 20% off on Write To Heal Events incl. Live and Virtual Events

The world may not acknowledge or celebrate the Woman as it should; we as women are taught to be seen and not heard. We are demoralized and ostracized for having a vocal opinion. Some are abused and even killed just to force the ritual of keeping her quiet. But here in the Write Your Heart Out Membership, we avidly serve an underserved demographic in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. You are not only celebrated but also protected to simply BE YOU!

Join the tribe and let the little girl SPEAK! Become a part of a prestigious community where we support and fight for women’s right to use our most powerful weapons: our voice (not our bodies).


Up to 25% discount on single book project publishing package 

Members ONLY receive a discount on entry tickets to the Write To Heal Weekend Retreat as well as exclusive access to purchase tickets before public consumption

Upon joining, members receive FREE 30-day journal with writing prompts on emotional healing to foster healthy relationship with SELF.

Upon joining, members receive a FREE copy of the Founder’s first book, a memoir: It Is Forbidden: The Untold Story of Child Rape Survival

Daily, weekly, and/or monthly writing prompts, affirmations, and motivational quotes to maintain an atmosphere of gratitude and positivity

Being a part of a safe community to give permission to that little girl inside of you is PRICELESS. Jai, the Founder, is intentional in providing members with VIP service to influence and impact emotional healing AND getting PAID from it! Opportunities to become a published author are available year round with special offerings. Members gain exclusive access to some offerings! So don’t stay stuck in your pain any longer. Let’s WRITE TO HEAL!

While you can leave WHO membership at any time, we recommend that you commit at least ONE YEAR in the membership for best results OR a minimum of six months for noticeable results. The key is to be intentional and committed to the process of healing.

Cancel at any time, however there are NO refunds for past membership fees as you would have already accessed the invaluable content. We at Jai Publishing House are not licensed therapists, nor do we make any diagnosis of any kind. We share our knowledge, resources, tools, and live experience to guide our clientele to a place of emotional healing. What we teach produce proven results!

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