Write To Heal Virtual Summit

Write To Heal Virtual Summit

Attention Authors, Writers, Church Leaders, Sisters, Brothers, Healers, Survivors, Publishers, Followers of Christ, Believers, Faith Warriors, Empaths, Gifted, Prophets, Missionaries, Apostles, Disciples:

This is THE opportunity to Write to Heal…

There are people inside and outside the church who need healing. Writing is that avenue that healing can happen for everyone, including YOU!

The Write to Heal (#wth) Virtual Summit is a series of teachings from subject matter experts who have been called to empower others to heal from past and present emotional pain through the art of writing. We understand PERSONALLY how writing can change the mind and hearts of those who believe. And we want to give you the tools and permission to tell your story!

This is the opportunity to start you on your writing journey.

Writing is an effective way to consistently reach people who need healing.

There is great healing in words. You will meet writers who have books, devotionals, journals and more to help with the healing journey. You can write your book and so much more!

✅ Write your own journal
✅ Write and Create your church’s Sunday School Lessons
✅ Repurpose your studies to create and publish Bible Studies for your community
✅ Write devotionals with Purpose

Are you ready to heal? Register today Write to Heal!

✅ Get past the barriers that keep you from writing
✅ Focus your writing for your target audience
✅ Create products that are effective and usher healing

Now the question to you is: Will You Show Up? 

Register today. Even if you cannot show up every night, you will get the replay and our free gift of the speaker directory.

Also, connect with us on social media!

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