The Book Doctor

The Book Doctor

Hey friends! We are super excited to offer TWO levels of training to give you the H.E.L.P.  you need to succeed as an author in such a busy and crowded book industry! Welcome to The Book Doctor Page where we offer a variety of webinars to suit your book needs and wallet!

If you have a book already OR if you just have a book idea, bring it to the LAB to increase your sales or to the CLINIC to fix what’s “broken”. We will examine book covers, layouts, to print or not to print, how to find the right publisher, how to speak the language of books, and so much more.

**Registration is required**

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Select Thursdays @ 7:00pm EST

Date: January 2, 2020

Title: From Blank Page to Book

Description: Learn how to rid yourself from that annoying blinking cursor! With this webinar, you will learn how to remove the writer’s block so the words will flow with ease with our Signature Book Writing Template. Beware: you may end up with more than one book! Besides, at the end of the day, your knowledge and experience will help someone else. Show up for them and get that book out of your head and onto that screen.

Price: $28 (or become a Write Your Heart Out member where all of the trainings are absolutely FREE with your annual membership… click here for more details)

Select Saturdays @ 11:00am EST

Date: January 4, 2020

Title: Vision to Write

Description: Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I really write a book?” or “There are so many books about my topic, should I write another one?” or “Would anyone buy my book?” If you are wondering if what you have is book-worthy, then this webinar is for YOU!  I want you to bring all of your book questions to the clinic, and let us examine it for you… LIVE. We will discuss book-worthy topics, how much money you are leaving on the table, and how to get started on your next chapter. See you in class!

Price: FREE

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