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What if we could take your words, and even your voice, and design a beautiful book that can be watched from any video playback platform?

Our brand new signature video book, BIDEO , is for:

BIDEO allows you to leave a LEGACY…even if you’ve NEVER written a book

OR didn’t think you ever would!

You've heard of Books !

You've heard of e-Books !

You've even heard of Audiobooks !

Now we want to introduce BIDEOTM

That’s right… it’s a VIDEO BOOK!

All of the perks of a book, with a little personality and spunk of a video.

Here at Jai Publishing House, we have been blessed to help hundreds of authors just like YOU turn their words into published works…

With many of them becoming Amazon BEST SELLERS!

And NOW using the power of Video, we want to introduce a NEW opportunity to you.

The best of both worlds: BOOK + VIDEO!

Want to know JUST how powerful Video Storytelling is? Ask Lego.

After becoming overwhelmed by almost 800 million dollars in debt, they were able to use Video Storytelling campaigns to make their way back and avoid bankruptcy!

Powerful RIGHT?!

What if you had access to that SAME power?

Well with BIDEOTM, you do!

And expert studies show that people are MORE than likely to engage with VIDEO over a book simply because it is more time efficient and more convenient.

So if you are ready to:

Tell your story

Tell your story in YOUR voice, preserving your history for generations to come

Tell your TRUTH

Because, honestly, no one else is qualified to tell it

Preserve your ANCESTRY

By having the ability to teach your children’s children, because the WORLD doesn’t know YOUR side of the story

If you are ready...

Then sign up NOW to reserve YOUR spot in our green room and be among the first to experience this opportunity.

Choose your publishing package

Take Me There
Being a live stream expert with over 5,000 videos and having made Millions of dollars online using video, I KNEW on sight that this was an amazing opportunity to capture MY VOICE and let it play over and over, without ME having to be live to do it. I encourage EVERYONE to get their OWN BIDEO produced ASAP and save themselves some time and frustration. ALL I had to do was HAND OVER a manuscript and Jai Publishing house did the rest! If you have ever been through a frustrating publishing process OR tried to self publishing this process will be a breath of fresh air for you!
Rev. Dr. Dawniel Winningham
Master Life & Business Coach | 7 Figure Earner

-What do you get?-

Gold Book Publishing Package

Valued at $5,850 (Click here to see list of benefits)

A Professionally Published Book

1-page website | Book Editing | Book Layout & Design | Custom Book Cover | Author Feature | ISBN Number | Copyright and Ownership | Worldwide Distribution | Digital Marketing Promotional Package

1 Hr Video Production Package

Valued at $7,500 (Click here to see list of benefits)

A Professionally Edited Video

Video Production | Video Editing | 1 Year of Unlimited Tech Support | Marketing Video Training on How to SELL with Video | Virtual Book Launch support so your book launch can be the BEST it can be

Total Value = $13,350

You Pay = as low as $5,000

All YOU need to do is provide us with the manuscript and WE do the rest!

Don’t have a manuscript? Then you REALLY need to call us (and ask about our Ghostwriting Program)!

And YOU keep ALL of the Royalties and Sales!

So seriously, stop sitting on your legacy and apply for BIDEO today!

Another Jai Publishing House Project BIDEOTM | Copyright ©️ 2020 | All Rights Reserved

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