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Worldwide Distribution

Your book will be available on worldwide e-retailer sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, Scribd, Books-A-Million, and more! Over 39,000 online retail stores at your fingertips.

Flexible Printing Options

We offer competitive and affordable printing options for hardcover, jacketed hardcover, paperback, journals, black & white or color interior, trim sizes, paper type, and more. We will have your book stunting in these book streets in no time! We don't pop bottles, we pop collars... book collars 🙂


Never worry about stacks of books in your garage! Print-On-Demand (POD) is the most affordable way to get your book into your readers' hands... we print when they order! Now you can actually park your car in the garage (instead of your books).

eBook Conversion & Distribution

Forget about those cranky eBook converters that are a hassle to work with, and let the professionals put some spank on it. Get your eBook on Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and beyond!

Secure Payments

We use the top of the line security systems to protect your intellectual property from piracy or privacy violations. You will even have your own secure author portal to lock in your book.

Get your books into these stores PLUS over 39,000 online bookstores!

What We Do

If you have the words, we have the PEN! One thing we’ve come to realize at Jai Publishing House is the absolute dire need for scribes to WRITE! Every instruction, every solution to life’s puzzle, every answer to every problem ever in life… was found in a book! Written by a wise scribe. And PRINTED.

We help you make history with your words. Whether you are a scribe, storyteller, content creator, teacher, trainer, in the ministry or a motivational speaker; if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, executive leader, activist or world changer… we help you turn your story and your message into a written work that will stand the test of time and last forever.

Are you ready to bring YOUR words to life? We have a myriad of services available to help you accomplish your goal of getting your book into print.

Jai Publishing House ultimately provides a fully-integrated print and digital, wholesale and distribution services to our clientele. It is our ultimate goal to take the stress off your plate, and provide you with stellar service of publishing your book, from beginning to end! In other words, we do all the work, and you make all the profits.

How does that sound? 


We have a team of seasoned writers with over 50 years of cumulative writing experience. You have notes or ideas, we have the write words!

Content & Copy Editing

Don’t allow people to JUDGE your book by its grammar. Let us help you to make sure your book is JUDGED by its COVER and its CONTENT.

NEW Video Book

It’s a book AND a video of your story being shown on the big screen (your big screen). Is it a documentary? Is it a movie? The sky is the limit to how you tell your story in video!

eBook Conversion & Distribution

Not all eBook conversion tools are the same! Turning your work into a beautiful ebook compatible with any Reader is what we experts do effortlessly!

Children's Books

We produce high quality illustrations for any picture book: children’s books, cookbooks, table books.  Pair that with the best printer in the world, and you have a match made in fairy book land!

Nonfiction Books

We specialize in the print of memoirs, biographies, documentaries, tell-alls, and the likes. It’s YOUR story, we help you tell it and sell it.

For Indie Authors

Everything you need to write, publish and market your book and look like the expert author that you are is in this Treasure Chest.

Author Website

Why stop at simply publishing your book? We provide the opportunity to build from your book into a profitable platform that you can cash in on.

How It Works

step one

Select publishing package and payment option

step two

Submit payment or deposit

step three

Log in to private client portal

once inside the client portal a.k.a. the book lab...

step four

Sign author agreement, meet team, etc.

step five

Time to roll up our sleeves (us, not you)

step six

Launch the masterpiece into the Universe

Publishing Packages

25 - 50% OFF

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These are the prices you WON'T be paying! We are slashing up to 50% off of select items, giving you the savings of a lifetime. Now is the time to get published the right way and with the largest distribution network in the world! Who's got your pen? We do, that's who!

Red Package (e-book only)

$ 1,500
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Professional stylistic & copy editing
  • Compatible with all popular eReaders
  • Custom eBook cover
  • Set up title for global distribution to Amazon, Apple, Google Play, & more
  • Paperback or print book
  • Marketing services

Scarlet Package (Paperback only)

$ 2,500
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Professional stylistic and copy editing
  • Custom book cover
  • One social media badge for promotion
  • Set up title for worldwide distribution on select print-on-demand platform
  • Ghostwriting (no writing support)
  • Book trailer (1-2 minute video)

Silver Package (Print + eBook)

$ 3,500
  • Scarlet publishing package, PLUS:
  • Social media badges for promotion (3)
  • Set up title for worldwide distribution on select print-on-demand platform
  • Book trailer (1-2 minute video)
  • Author interview video (3-5 minutes)
  • Digital Marketing Package (social media badges, giveaways, contests, blog posts, etc.)
  • 1-page author website
  • Organize 1-hour Virtual Book Release Party

Gold Package (Print+eBook+Website)

$ 6,200
  • Silver publishing package, PLUS:
  • Author interview video (3-5 minutes)
  • Digital Marketing Package (social media badges, giveaways, contests, blog posts, etc.)
  • 1-page author website
  • Organize 1-hour Virtual Book Release Party
best value

Picture Book Package

$ 7,000 as low as
  • Scarlet publishing package, PLUS:
  • Book trailer (1-2 minute video)
  • Lite Social Media Graphics (2)
  • Full book spread development & layout
  • Standard 32 pages
  • Full color custom illustrations (designed by our illustrator)
  • 1-page author website
  • Digital marketing package (social media badges, giveaways, contests, blog posts, etc.)

Video Book Publishing Package

$ 5,000 as low as
  • 1-hr password protected video
  • 1 Year of Limited Tech Support 
  • Marketing Video on How to SELL with Video
  • Paperback Book Publishing Package
  • Turnaround Time: 3-6 months
  • Add-on Website for $750
  • Add-on Unlimited Website Tech Support for $500

Ghostwriting Package (Lite)

$ 5000 as low as
  • Scarlet publishing package, PLUS:
  • Content collection from client
  • Draft manuscript written by ghostwriter 
  • Up to 2 revisions of draft manuscript prior to editing
  • Professional stylistic and copy editing
  • Set up title for worldwide distribution on popular print-on-demand platforms
  • Digital marketing

Ghostwriting Package (Pro)

$ 10,500 Complete Done-For-You
  • Standard ghostwriting package, PLUS:
  • Three one-on-one 45-minute recorded interview sessions
  • Dictation / transcription of recorded sessions
  • Draft manuscript written by ghostwriter 
  • Up to 2 revisions of draft manuscript prior to editing
  • Professional stylistic and copy editing
  • 1-Page Website
  • Set up title for worldwide distribution on popular print-on-demand platforms
  • Digital marketing
  • Author media kit
  • Online Digital Store
  • Membership Site for Entrepreneurs


$ 500 as low as
  • Up to 5 customized pages*
  • Lead magnet pop-up
  • Up to 5 products added to the store*
  • Check out page
  • Shop page
  • Terms and Conditions page
  • Chargeback protection software (to prevent fraud)

Why customers love us?

Virlynn Smith Randolph
Virlynn Smith Randolph
Author, Rose of Audacity
Read More
Jai Publishing House is nothing short of amazing. I knew that I wanted to write and publish a book, but was not aware of the healing that was necessary to take place during the journey. The patience, professionalism and timely turnaround was outstanding to say the least. Jai Publishing House helped me to become an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and I’m grateful for the experience.
Foundational Rainbows
Foundational Rainbows
Author, Authenticity Woes to Wisdom
Read More
Jai Publishing is a kindred spirit! Working with them has been a learning, eye-opening, revealing experience! I have learned so much! I came to them a clean slate and I leave with an abundance of understanding and knowledge. I can attest true growth working with Jai and her team! I count it all joy to have published my first book with Jai Publishing! The finished project was done phenomenally! Thank you so much for your patience, kindness and graceful guidance throughout my entire project. Bless you all!!
Diane Traenkle
Diane Traenkle
Co-Author, Live Your Abundant Life Too
Read More
As a novice writer, I was happy with how Jai broke the steps to publishing down and helped make the process smooth. Jai made herself available and shared our exuberance in our project.
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson
Co-Author, Live Your Abundant Life Too
Read More
I was overjoyed to learn that almost everything was done for me. It freed up time and emotions to be able to work on the thoughts for my book. Jai is very personable, high energy and no nonsense while still being Caring, Hilarious and very down to earth. Professional from beginning to end! I highly recommend Jai Publishing House to help Make Your Dreams Come True!
Gretchen Hyatt
Gretchen Hyatt
Co-Author, Chronicles of the Chronically Ill
Read More
Jai Publishing House helped me to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author by taking my writing and turning them into a page turning, life changing bestseller. I won't ever forget the coaching I received during the times it got hard for me to write. I was shown different ways to be able to still work on my book even when my hand wouldn't allow me to write. The best experience of my life!
Carole Leila Banks
Carole Leila Banks
Co-Author, Mediocre Teacher
Read More
Jamie is the ultimate professional. She knows her craft well. It was a pleasure working with Jai Publishing House. I plan to work with her on future projects.
Nicole Brown-Horston
Nicole Brown-Horston
Co-Author, The Whole Truth Volume 1
Read More
Working with Jai has been a pleasurable experience. She is more than a Publisher, she is someone who is genuinely concerned with the whole person. She wants to see others win and she won't stop until that goal is accomplished. Her demeanor and delivery is very well received because she treats you as a professional and not as someone who may be inexperienced or a novice. I love having her on my team.
Katherine Lyons Bester
Katherine Lyons Bester
Co-Author, The Whole Truth Volume 1
Read More
Jai was completely professional and very passionate about the project! I would recommend Jai Publishing House to any prospective author. She was truly a Godsend!

Take Your Book to the Next Level

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Red Publishing Package (eBook)

$ 1,125 $1,500
  • Global Distribution to Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Kobo, Scribd, & many more!
  • Custom eCover
  • Professional Stylistic & Copyediting
  • Dynamic Interior Layout

Silver Publishing Package (Print + eBook)

$ 1,750 $3,500
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Professional Copyediting
  • Interior Design & Layout
  • Custom Book Cover
  • Book Trailer
  • Worldwide Distribution

Gold Publishing Package (Print + eBook + Website)

$ 3,100 $6,200
  • Silver Publishing Package
  • Beautifully Designed Website
  • Premium Tech Support
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • Digital Marketing Kit
  • Worldwide Distribution
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