Become a Publisher

Become a Publisher

PublisHER Certification Program

In a self-publishing world that is overcrowded and rather dog eat dog, you are often up against both the best and the worst publishers in the publishing world. You may have heard, or even experienced, horror stories where publishers took authors’ money and ran off on a plug — often over promising and under delivering.

Jai Publishing House started as a result of a faulty system that afforded the opportunity of any and everyone to enter at a very low risk point of entry into the publishing space, thus leaving our authors vulnerable to prey. In the PublisHER Certification Program, you learn hands-on what it really takes to build a publishing business the right way while maintaining integrity and restoring trust back into our authors who simply want to write their books.

This certification program includes how to:

  • Draft author agreements, NDA, noncompete, late payment policy
  • Template for book launch strategy
  • Build publishing packages customized on target audience
  • Price your products and services
  • Build a team of editors, typesetters, book cover designers, and digital marketers
  • Master the Amazon platform
  • Manage clients
  • **Best seller strategy** Insider Secrets Revealed
  • Hands-on OJT to build your own clientele/community
  • Ready-made templates for contracting publishing team
  • Tools used by JPH
  • ... and so much more!

Get certified as a LEGIT Publisher in 12 months by Jai Publishing House - the baddest PublisHER in the land! For only $6,500/year!!

**Flexible financing options available.**

If you are ready to take this world by storm and learn how to run a successful and profitable publishing company, apply to our PublisHER Certification Program below!

Now, BEFORE you apply, you MUST meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Each applicant must sign a non-disclosure AND non-compete agreement prior to signing on to JPH programs
  • Each applicant must have the following basic technology systems in place: computer or laptop, and internet or wifi connection
  • Each applicant must have a legally registered business in their State

Being a publisher can be rewarding! You get to help aspiring authors fulfill their dreams to write their book. This certification program will prepare you to be a force in an ever-changing industry! Apply TODAY!

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