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what we do

Are you ready to bring YOUR words to life? We have a myriad of services available to help you accomplish your goal of getting your book into print.


We have a team of seasoned writers with over 50 years of cumulative writing experience. You have notes or ideas, we have the write words!

Content & Copy Editing

Don’t allow people to JUDGE your book by its grammar. Let us help you to make sure your book is JUDGED by its COVER and its CONTENT.

NEW Video Book

It’s a book AND a video of your story being shown on the big screen (your big screen). Is it a documentary? Is it a movie? The sky is the limit to how you tell your story in video!

Children's Books

We produce high quality illustrations for any picture book: children’s books, cookbooks, table books.  Pair that with the best printer in the world, and you have a match made in fairy book land!

Nonfiction Books

We specialize in the print of memoirs, biographies, documentaries, tell-alls, and the likes. It’s YOUR story, we help you tell it and sell it.

For Indie Authors

Everything you need to write, publish and market your book and look like the expert author that you are is in this Treasure Chest.

Author Platform

Why stop at simply publishing your book? We provide the opportunity to build from your book into a profitable platform that you can cash in on.

Book Collaborations

Do you have a group of authors who want to tell their story with you? We offer amazing anthology packages to grow your author platform and business.

want to turn your book into a video?

Featured Products

Special offer to self-publishing authors!

Book-in-a-Box Treasure Chest for Self-Publishing or Indie Authors

Everything you need to write, publish and market your book and look like the expert author that you are is in this Treasure Chest.

For Self-Publishers

Worldwide Distribution

Your book will be available on worldwide e-retailer sites such as Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.

75% Royalties, 100 % Sales FOREVER

You’ve worked hard on writing your book, so why not reap the benefits and earnings on your work? Besides, it belongs to you!

Print On Demand

Never worry about stacks of books in your garage! Maintain inventory when we print when an order is placed.

Secure Payments

We use the top of the line security systems to protect your intellectual property from piracy or privacy violations. You will even have your own secure author portal to lock in your book.

Book Showcase

Take a look at some of our covers all designed in-house! We take your vision, and put some spank on it! The kind of spank that gets picked up on national book stores. I’m just sayin’…

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