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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Maya Angelou

Healing is on the other side of your "YES". Write your story, heal yourself and others.


You’ve worked hard on writing your book, so why not reap the benefits and earnings on your work? Besides, it belongs to you – you deserve it!


Your book will be available on worldwide e-retailer sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.


Your book will be available to you as the author at a wholesale price for a lifetime.


As the pioneer author, you maintain creative control throughout the entire publishing process

From page layout to book cover design to final editing, you will be the driver to this process. Your voice will be maintained, protected, and projected throughout the entire publishing process. We at Jai Publishing, Inc. will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with your final product!


What we offer

Jai Publishing, Inc. offer a variety of publishing packages, as well as providing a customized package to fit the needs of our clients. These are just a few options available to our clients. See “Publish With Us” for an expanded version of our offerings.


Do you have a group of authors who want to tell their story with you? We offer amazing anthology packages to grow your author platform and business.


Cookbooks, children’s books… you name it, we can do it! With high resolution images, we help design the most amazing picture books you’ve ever seen!


Why stop at simply publishing your book? We provide the opportunity to build from your book into a profitable platform that you can cash in on.


Our mission at Jai Publishing, Inc. is all about healing for our clients and our readers. We offer several classes, workshops, retreat to show you HOW to heal through your writing. Then make money!


The Secret of HEALING

Healing looks different for everyone. At Jai Publishing, Inc. we focus on healing through your words, which comes from within (your heart). #writetoheal #righttoheal #ritetoheal


To provide a safe space to have those hard-to-talk-about conversations, to create a community of support for adult survivors of abuse, to journey together towards a place of healing and finally be free from the pain of our past.


To create and maintain an environment of healing for the hurt, to establish a strong foundation of trust and honesty, to aide in the emotional fitness of our community members, and to protect the integrity of our journey in this process of healing.


To orchestrate the meeting of the “experience” and the “voice” while nursing its remnants, to facilitate the dialogue between the voice and the pain, and to stay the course of healing. We are in this together.


It happened to us, but our past does not define us, it refines us. We found our voice, now let us help you find yours. #SilentNoMore

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Jail Publishing helped me to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author by taking my writing and turning them into a page turning, life changing bestseller. I won’t ever forget the coaching I received during the times it got hard for me to write. The best experience of my life!

Gretchen Hyatt

Co-Author, Chronicles of the Chronically Ill

Working with Jai has been a pleasurable experience. She is more than a Publisher, she is someone who is genuinely concerned with the whole person. She wants to see others win and she won’t stop until that goal is accomplished.  I love having her on my team.

Nicole Brown-Horston

Co-Author, The Whole Truth Volume I

Jai is the ultimate professional. She knows her craft well. It was a pleasure working with Jai. I plan to work with her on future projects.

Carole Leila Banks

Co-Author, The Whole Truth Volume 1

Are you ready to tell your story?

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