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Are you ready to write, publish, or video your book?

If you're looking for style, class, and a little bit of sassiness, then you've come to the right place... the home of The Scribe!

Worldwide Distribution

Your book will be available on worldwide e-retailer sites such as Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.

Flexible Printing Options

Lifetime access to wholesale prices of printed book; hardcover and journal print available, and more!

75% Royalties, 100 % Sales FOREVER

You’ve worked hard on writing your book, so why not reap the benefits and earnings on your work? Besides, it belongs to you!

Print On Demand

Never worry about stacks of books in your garage! Maintain inventory when we print when an order is placed.

Secure Payments

We use the top of the line security systems to protect your intellectual property from piracy or privacy violations. You will even have your own secure author portal to lock in your book.

Get your books into these stores PLUS over 39,000 online bookstores!

what we do

If you have the words, we have the PEN! One thing we’ve come to realize at Jai Publishing House is the absolute dire need for scribes to WRITE! Every instruction, every solution to life’s puzzle, every answer to every problem ever in life… was found in a book! Written by a wise scribe. And PRINTED.

We help you make history with your words. Whether you are a scribe, storyteller, content creator, teacher, trainer, in the ministry or a motivational speaker; if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, executive leader, activist or world changer… we help you turn your story and your message into a written work that will stand the test of time and last forever.

Are you ready to bring YOUR words to life? We have a myriad of services available to help you accomplish your goal of getting your book into print.

Jai Publishing House ultimately provides a fully-integrated print and digital, wholesale and distribution services to our clientele. It is our ultimate goal to take the stress off your plate, and provide you with stellar service of publishing your book, from beginning to end! In other words, we do all the work, and you make all the profits. How does that sound? 

And in doing so, we have laid out a detailed list of what is included in our publishing packages. But if you don’t see a package that fits your needs, don’t sweat it, we can customize based on your needs! Let’s start there, shall we?


We have a team of seasoned writers with over 50 years of cumulative writing experience. You have notes or ideas, we have the write words!

Content & Copy Editing

Don’t allow people to JUDGE your book by its grammar. Let us help you to make sure your book is JUDGED by its COVER and its CONTENT.

NEW Video Book

It’s a book AND a video of your story being shown on the big screen (your big screen). Is it a documentary? Is it a movie? The sky is the limit to how you tell your story in video!

Children's Books

We produce high quality illustrations for any picture book: children’s books, cookbooks, table books.  Pair that with the best printer in the world, and you have a match made in fairy book land!

Nonfiction Books

We specialize in the print of memoirs, biographies, documentaries, tell-alls, and the likes. It’s YOUR story, we help you tell it and sell it.

For Indie Authors

Everything you need to write, publish and market your book and look like the expert author that you are is in this Treasure Chest.

Author Platform

Why stop at simply publishing your book? We provide the opportunity to build from your book into a profitable platform that you can cash in on.

Book Collaborations

Do you have a group of authors who want to tell their story with you? We offer amazing anthology packages to grow your author platform and business.

How It Works

**Ask about our different payment options.**

Jai Publishing House is unique in that we do not operate in the same manner as most traditional publishing companies simply because of our mission.  We work in partnership with our clients to develop a solid, realistic and practical book launch timeline and budget.  Every project is given the same level of attention to detail and finesse to produce the best work possible.

Jai Publishing House offers publishing packages flexible enough to be customized to meet our clients’ needs, in addition to the standard services noted above.  Because the majority of our practice is service-based, all transactions are non-refundable, yet transferable.  

step one

Select publishing package and payment option

step two

Submit payment or deposit

step three

Log in to private client portal

once inside the client portal a.k.a. the book lab...

step four

Sign author agreement, meet team, etc.

step five

Time to roll up our sleeves (us, not you)

step six

Launch the masterpiece into the Universe

Have a manuscript?

For authors who have an already-written manuscript and need publishing options to get their book published.

Need a ghostwriter?

Maybe you don't have time to write your book. We have a team of wordologists who love words and love to write. Let us write your next bestseller!

Turn your book into a video!

Our newest book baby that's going to blow your fans socks off! Watch your words come to life in video.

Are you an Indie Author?

For self-publishers who want to take their book to the next level. We make it easy to publish with the tools we've used over the years.

Your Voice Matters !

Your Story Heals !

The World Awaits !

Featured Products

Special offer to self-publishing authors!

Book-in-a-Box Treasure Chest for Self-Publishing or Indie Authors

Everything you need to write, publish and market your book and look like the expert author that you are is in this Treasure Chest.

For Self-Publishers

Book Showcase

Take a look at some of our covers all designed in-house! We take your vision, and put some spank on it! The kind of spank that gets picked up on national book stores. I’m just sayin’…

want to turn your book into a video?

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