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Welcome to Jai’s 90 Day Reveal Video Blog series! You may ask, “what the heck is the 90 day reveal?” Well … it is a video blog series over a 90 day period where I will share things about me, Jai, as a person. Some know me as a creative writer, others know me as a blogger, others know me as … well, let’s just say they know me 🙂 Most of the time, people get me all wrong! So this is an opportunity for me to “clear the air”! Get to know me as a person. Someone who has had a very interesting journey, and the only way I know how to endure and get through is to put a voice to it. Hopefully, something I say will resonate with you. And, as always, if you find strength, encouragement and inspiration in any of my words, please share and come back to visit! Next time … bring a friend. 🙂

In love,

90 Day Reveal: Introduction

This is a short vid to explain a little bit about why I started the video blog series! Click the title above or access it here.

90 Day Reveal: Love

Hi everyone! My very first video for the 90 Day Reveal video blog series shares a tagline that I often share when it comes to Matters of My Heart, LLC: Love Doesn’t Hurt. Take a look and, if you like what you hear, if you feel inspired, if you feel compelled, please SHARE! Let’s build together a community of healing. Instant access here!

90 Day Reveal: One of Those Days

You ever had one of those days where things just were not going right, but all the way left?? Where you just did not feel like anybody’s crap today? Like you just should’ve stayed in bed?? Yep, I was having one of those days and yet I remained steadfast in my quest to record the 90 Day Reveal. Watch it here … and don’t forget to share!!

90 Day Reveal: Bully

This vid answers the question: What is something you think no one would ever guess happened to you? Given your personality today?? Check this out good people …now you know what to do (share)!

90 Day Reveal: My #1 Love

Well anyone who knows me already know what makes my toes curl up or down, if done right! Hahaha … well, I also have a number one hate too (and yes, I used that word). Watch this vid if you need a good chuckle for the day! And share!!!

90 Day Reveal: I Believe

Everyone has to believe in something! When times are tough, what is something you hold on to?? You have to watch this vid to see what I run to as a means of comfort and security (besides a warm bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese with extra cheese please)… Disclaimer: the video is really crappy but, hey, I was in the learning phase of recording…watch it anyway :-).

90 Day Reveal: My Story

Out of all the videos I’ve recorded for my 90 day reveal video blog, I have yet to share my story! How could I forget the core of who I am and why Matters of My Heart exists?? Well, the wait is over… disclaimer, please do not watch with young children. The subject matter is one that is quite often hard to talk about publicly, but I am free from the pain of my experience. I share to help, educate, emotionally support and join forces with others on the healing journey. Please, if nothing else, share this video!! Help me reach those who are in need to know they are not alone. Peace and blessings.

90 Day Reveal: My Businesses

Well, now you know my story, and what happens next? I turn pain into purpose. That’s right, Matters of My Heart, LLC was birthed out of my pain; and became an emotional support system for myself while on this journey of healing. It gives voice to my experience. Jai the Author puts that voice on paper. This vid was really fun recording! One of my favs, LOL. I added a little spunk. You can definitely tell I’m learning all the powerful tools of video editing. #boom

**Extra bonus video just for you**

90 Day Reveal: Next Chapter

Want to know what to do when you’re at a crossroad? Want to know what happens when one chapter closes and another opens? I have made a huge decision that will catapult me into the next hemisphere!! Want to know what the hell I’m talking about?? Watch this video from my 90 Day Reveal video blog series … don’t forget to share!!

90 Day Reveal: Let’s Do This

After returning from my hometown for the Thanksgiving holidays, it was time to regroup and refocus back on my mission and my purpose in life. This vid shares my next move!

90 Day Reveal: Sneak Peek

Oh boy are you in for a treat!!! What I have been working on all summer is finally ready to hit the shelves!! Wanna know, wanna know, wanna know?? Click here and watch for yourself (shhhhhh… it’s our little secret).


Well, that’s it for now! Check back later for the latest and greatest from your girl, Jai! I’m always on the move people. Won’t you join me for the ride? Subscribe to my email list to stay informed on my comings and goings. Until next time, walk in love or love in your walk! Be blessed, Jai

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