About Us

Healing unleashed through the art of writing

Jai Publishing, Inc. was started by Jamie Hopkins as a means to provide quality publishing services to authors who deserved to be treated with decency and respect. Their voices would be heard and their pain would be nurtured and not ignored. Out of her own experience with being shunned and ostracized and told to “tone it down”, Jamie knew there had to have been others being treated the same way by publishers who were more focused on the bottom line than their customers. Hence, Jai Publishing was formed to provide a safe space for authors to heal as they write.

Jai Publishing provides hybrid self-publishing and writing services for aspiring authors. We work with clients who want to tell their story, but may not know the nuts-and-bolts involved in the publishing process. It is an emotional journey that we take with our clients.

Here at Jai Publishing, we pride ourselves in relationship building with our clients. It is about the experience of publishing while maintaining complete creative control over your story. We are not distracted by fame or notoriety, instead we provide a safe space for our clients to write with ease and clarity. It is through the release of that story that leads to emotional healing. And we aide in that release.

Jai Publishing is committed to providing a safe space to have those hard-to-talk-about conversations, to create a community of support for adult survivors of abuse, to journey together towards a place of healing and finally be free from the pain of your past.

In being true to our nature and true to our calling, all manuscripts submitted to Jai Publishing will undergo careful review and consideration. Though we publish both nonfiction and fiction projects, each project must contain the essential ingredients for inspiration.

Our message is simple: My past does not define me, it refines me. Let us help you find your voice and be a force of healing in this world!


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